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Paper Dungeon


The Paper Dungeon
Modular Dungeon accessories for Tabletop Role-Playing Games

Designed to fit with 25mm, 28mm and 30mm gaming scales, the Paper Dungeon is a set of tiles and papercraft accessories that will allow you to create amazing dungeons in 5 minutes.

• 24 cardstock tiles
• 20 papercraft crates
• 12 papercraft barrels
• 8 papercraft treasure chests
• 8 papercraft bags
• 6 papercraft doors

The Paper Dungeon is printed on a high quality cardstock. Assembly is simple, requiring glue and scissors (or exacto knife).


Papercraft dungeon accessories
Papercraft crates
Papercraft treasure chest
Papercraft barrels and bags
Papercraft dungeon doors
Dungeon tiles
Different sizes of dungeon tiles
The Paper Dungeon includes a wide variety of tiles with which you can easily create dungeon rooms as large as you wish.
Dungeon tiles
Create a dungeon room in 1 minute
Example of a dungeon room created in one minute with two tiles and a small part of the papercraft accessories.
Papercraft dungeon
Papercraft dungeon
Create a dungeon in 5 minutes
Example of a dungeon created in less than five minutes with some tiles and papercraft accessories from the Paper Dungeon kit.
Paper dungeon
Paper dungeon
Paper dungeon

You will receive by email the Paper Dungeon (300dpi print ready PDFs).


You will receive by mail the Paper Dungeon (printed on high quality cardstock).


You will receive the Paper Dungeon digital and physical copies.





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