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Small Village Shop


The Small Village Shop
Paper Model Diorama for Tabletop Role-Playing Games

The Small Village Shop is a paper model for tabletop role-playing games, wargaming, miniature dioramas or for paper toy collections.

This RPG paper model includes 2 cardboard bases (also called sections), 1 paper miniatures (the merchant), the Shop, 11 paper accessories (1 cupboard, 4 wooden crates, 2 chests, 2 barrels, 1 bag, 1 carpet) and the assembly instructions.

The bases are printed on a thick cardstock and then glued to a cardboard. The paper miniatures and accessories are printed on a white cardstock. The shop is printed on a thicker cardstock.

Assembly is easy, requiring only glue and exacto knife or scissors.


RPG Village Shop


• The Shop
• The Merchant
• 2 Cardboard Sections
• Assembly Instructions
• 4 Wooden Crates
• 1 Cupboard
• 2 Chests
• 2 Barrels
• 1 Carpet
• 1 Bag

RPG Merchant
Paper Model Village Shop
RPG Village Shop

You will receive the digital copy of The Small Village Shop (high definition ready-to-print pdf).


You will receive the physical copy of The Small Village Shop.

$8 CAD

You will receive the digital copy and the physical copy of The Small Village Shop.

$9 CAD




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